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How should I set it up to get the best sound? The best way to get a question answered about a system is to identify the gear by brand names and model numbers so we can get the right information to you. What would be the best way to wire the subs to get the maximum Bass. Larry, You can probably safely wire that gear together like this. What is Series and Parallel Connection in Speakers and to which connection everyone goes for?

A note about amplifiers

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Check out this article for help setting an amp's gain. David, What impedance are the subs? Only red lights were when the car was not moving and music playing.

How to Wire a 4 Ohm Amp to a 2 Ohm Speaker

2 channel bridged amp driving a 2 ohm load Pro Help Needed

They should be alright as long as you set the amp's gain low enough to never allow distorted bass to play. Sebastian, If you blew two inch subs with that amplifier, I'm sure you can blow those inch subs as well, although their power ratings match the amp better. Thank you so much for your help. This is only a second vehicle for winter use mainly so not wanting to invest a lot for audio.

If you want a question answered about a system, you must identify the equipment by brand names and model numbers. You'd leave two of the amp's channels unused - or you could use them to power your front full-range speakers. Learning the ins and outs of a bridged circuit is important, though, broström as an improper setup can damage your equipment.

  • Can the impeadance of either sub be wired to change the value.
  • Mike, I see what you mean - a web search came up with a few different amplifiers with different specs.
  • Will that give more power?

Any opinions would be appreciated. Do you have any recommendations on amps? Make sure you get corresponding positive and negative to each sub.

Four days after installation the subs blew up. Could you please direct me to the diagram to get the most performance out of this combination? We'll use the same example as before, but this time the speakers are wired in parallel. How do you go about wiring an aftermarket sound system in a cadillac deville considering the stock amplifier?

Hook up 2 ohm sub

How can you hook up a 2 ohm amplifier to a 4 ohm sub

Is there a better way to wire them up without hurting anything or am I better off eliminating a sub? Two of them are positive and two are negative. How do I bridge a woofer when I have one single voice coil and one double voice coil? And I don't want to fry my subs or amp any help would be appreciated.

  1. And should I have a fuse near the amps in addition to the one near the battery?
  2. Make sure you set the amp gain so no distortion ever plays.
  3. When speakers or coils are wired in parallel, however, the formula for their total impedance is more complicated.

Unfortunately, we're only licensed to sell gear in the United States and Canada. What is the highest ohms a sub woofer can have? What is the best way to completely install these subs with this amp? There is plenty of room and clearance. For more wiring specifics, dating check out our subwoofer wiring diagrams.

Ideally i want the amp to be less powerful than the sub so that i do not blow the sub. Charles, Due to the differences in power ratings and sensitivity of your two models of subs, I recommend using two amplifiers. Adam, I suggest you go back to your installers and have them determine why your subwoofers blew in the first place - either through faulty wiring, or misuse. Good to know from a expert and I believe the amps do have on board fuses. For Tech Support, online call Begin chat.

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2 ohm sub hook up Choosing a 2ohm or 4ohm subwoofer
How can you hook up a 2 ohm amplifier to a 4 ohm sub

How do you wire up a dual 4 ohm sub to 2 ohms

If you are wiring the coils in parallel then run a wire from the first positive terminal to the second positive terminal and a wire from the first negative terminal to the second negative terminal. So you are not loosing anything. Seeing as both companies make excellent subwoofers, and the specs on the subs are identical, I leave it to you to choose which one. Please enter a valid email address. If you want accurate answers to your questions, you must identify your gear.

In series a speakers ohms are added. Our Car amplifier installation guide offers a more detail description. We have a wal-mart locally. My question is for rca's, do I need a separate set for each channel?

A note about amplifiers

The voice coils of each sub are wired in series and the two subs are wired in parallel. We will assume that the amplifier will deliver up to W per channel, so two speakers will be used on each channel. Best Buy, or any car audio place. The sub is rated at w rms. Connect the wire from the second sub's negative terminal to the negative bridge terminal on the amp.

Can i hook up my sub if it s wired to a 2 ohm and my amp is 4 ohm

Series Connections

One will hook into a typical power outlet, and the other will hook from your sub to you receiver. Can you hook up an amplifier to the stock dodge ram stereo? The only safe way to hook up your gear is to connect each subwoofer to a separate amplifier.

Turning it up until your ears bleed will. They don't have that usx you recommended. If you can't find your answer just email me and I'll send you a diagram.

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Brandon, You've presented no evidence that anything is wrong with your setup, so I see no need for a new amplifier. And has all the specs I am looking for. Hi Buck Apologies if off topic. In the diagram, each sub's voice coils are wired together in series, while the two subs themselves are wired together in parallel.

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