Abu ambassadeur 5000 dating, vintage abu ambassadeur 5000 question

Taking your hand off the paddle allows the drag system to take over as the handle rotated backwards. This is the earliest known C De Luxe that I'm aware of. Especially this D Direct Drive lightly used example! At least I know a general timeframe.

I have a ambassadeur 5000c the number on the foot is 760604. its black and

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Abu Garcia Ambassadeur

  • Permission has been kindly extended to me to note their best practice documenting of this fine series of small Ambassadeurs which started in and continues to this day.
  • If too tight then the cast will be shortened.
  • They were made for the model.

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Good luck and Great Fishing. In my opinion, this reel was likely manufactured near the end of or the first few months of due to the factory exhausting N. Keep it and fish with it, I think you will be well pleased.

With the spool size, some would have had reservations for controlling large fish like the powerful Salmon of Europe and Tropical powerful species encountered here in Australia. If it were mine, I would not use the reel and try to keep it new. To achieve the best fit possible, a brake plate, how long have frame and right-hand side plate are partially assembled.

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Discussion for the Abu Garcia D Ambassadeur. Reading and Learning about Ambassadeur beyond this page. Do not use Acetone on any Ambassadeur handle knob or paddle!

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Pool and Spa Parts Brands. Direct sunlight proved to be the downfall for these side plates as bleaching or fading of colors became a problem. You will see the various tools I use and are not necessarily the only tools you need. This example comes complete in the thin cardboard style box with end flaps.


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Some of the information provided here was from my dear friend Simon Shimomura. As we now know, safaricom automatic dating they chose the color red for the side plates and the rest is history. Those delivered to Garcia for the American market were always assembled with chrome plated star drag and small twin knob handle. One exception is the and C.

Dating abu dhabi online

Chances are, you have not. In the example below, the handle in the foreground is original for reels made in the s. Would this one have ceramic bearings?

Abu Garcia 5000 D (76-08-04) Ambassadeur Parts

Please pay special attention to my explanations of where, dating three guys at and where not to use Acetone. The sailfish on the left fought for over an hour. The best part of this combo is the box sticker with matching serial number of the reel. Note the early March date of this reel which is well within the year limit. Not my rarest reel but still the prettiest!

Announcements Read This Before Posting! This C has correct beveled rim plates, but has mushroom style take down knobs which are more commonly seen on grooved rims. Fortunately for collectors they can still be identified upon close inspection. Once done, you can pour Acetone in a coffee cup and soak these parts. Only by stripping line from the spool, can one see which type spool is installed.

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It has been brought to my attention that some collectors have side plate concerns after reading the paragraph above. The large knurled aluminum knob is part of the drag system which was incorporated into the handle. My web page is dedicated to classic-era Ambassadeur only. When I checked the serial number on the reel, that's when I knew something very unusual may be in the works. Find Part By Symptom Choose a symptom to view parts that fix it.

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As an added precaution, tilt the side plate in a fashion to where the Acetone will always run away from the sticker. Black handle paddles can be brought back to full luster by using Armor-All. Another example of specific change was the D.

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For round handle knobs, a mild abrasive wax should do. Just purchased a red Abu with white handles of serial number on the foot. In all my years of collecting I've yet to come across this version, however, I have seen this model with all the features I mentioned but it had beveled rim. Actually, the serial number on this reel has nothing to do with the year of production.

You may find other tools more suitable to your liking, but these should give you a general idea. There is no previous numbers entered into the record book. The combination of parts I list by number should be assembled to the reel.

Restaurant Equipment Parts Brands. Note that the reel carries the friction washer which ties it to the schematic for De Luxe. The reel foot has dimples around it's lot number. This is not accurate as there are other features that have to be met before you have a true first version.

Two additional reels were found. The same mark is found on the brake plate's bridge which is the metal piece that straddles over the free-spool dis-engage button. Simon told me that never had he considered this reel to exist.

Both grooved, and arbors without a groove have been seen. Information in this segment does not apply to model numbers higher than C. And this ebay seller will definately get good feedback! Handle turns but reel doesn't.

It is a complex subject and I hope to help here. Mojo vs Star paraflex which one is better? Think this reel will go on display in my den! The composition make-up of these plastic parts will not break down in Acetone.

Vintage Abu Ambassadeur 5000 question

  1. The stand up display card and box top are interesting items.
  2. This tells me that your Ambassadeur is no later than a model.
  3. Fishing Rods, Reels, Line, and Knots.
  4. John Cox of England, knows of one other as well.
  5. Frames are easily cleaned with Acetone and Q-tips just like all other parts.

My attempt to secure this model is below san box and lightly used. Check ebay for sold reels in similar condition, or post some pictures. The second pic front view is actually closer to the actual color of the plates. We'll see what it looks like when it arrives!

And they are still in use. They were only units apart on the assembly line. You can change the gear ratio, but you will have to change both the main drive gear and the pinion gear. Below, is an Ambassadeur C before and after cleaning.

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