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Tall women, no matter how thin they are have big feet, boyfriend well bigger feet than they would want. The new trainers I had with me rubbed my feet and caused blisters. There's a specialist website called Tall Girls. Those shoes were a constant source of teasing in the classroom.

Big feet can usually cover serious country. One of the most upsetting experiences I've had was in a sports shop where I went to buy a pair of trainers six years ago. In the Eighties, when my friends were wearing pixie boots and pointed shoes, I definitely felt left out. They know shoe size has nothing to do with other things. It's all about proportion.

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It's expensive having large feet. Take a recent holiday to Sicily. What the hell is wrong with the men up there?

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My feet are narrow, too, and I slip out of shoes. You know, the man in me wishes he could tell you he's a great fisherman, but I'm not. Bet you don't have many of those up there now do you? Do you eat any of the fish you catch?

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What bugs me the most about having big feet is that I find it difficult to find shoes. Most women choose their wedding dress because of the way it flatters their figure. Big girl big boob or thin girl small boobs? Becka mainly buys her shoes online.

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My partner has smaller feet than me. No other woman has been born with such big feet. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? It must get pretty wearying after a while. But not so slim or even chubby girls don't.

  1. Six foot Liz says her feet are the bane of her life.
  2. Where to go to meet single women?
  3. Blisters, bunions and unpleasant odours.
  4. Guys, would you date a girl who had bigger feet than you?

Jo chose her wedding dress with one criterion in mind - would it hide her large feet? Would look rather odd don't you think? But my heart sank when we stepped inside the store - the interior was dark and smelt of mildew.

More often than not it is a case of buying what fits rather than what I'd like to wear. Are girls more likely to feel shy among ugly or taller men? Now there's a lady that might give you a run for your money in a fishing derby.

  • There was no footwear on display.
  • Girls with bigger feet seem to know better than to make such a comparison.
  • Everyone knows what I'm saying is true, just look at all the repeating questions about this subject even here at Yahoo.

Personally, I'd rather a man like me for me and not because I have big feet. You know Blonde, I've been dieing to relive my boyhood canoe trip to Quetico. When you have feet this size, finding footwear that's fashionable and affordable is almost a full-time occupation. If you ever get to Florida she knows where they are and is one heck of a good woman. Liz Sullivan, a year-old teaching assistant, lives in Wootton, Bedfordshire, with her husband, daughter, seven, and son, three.

Blonde, Ladydi is the fishingest femme I've come to know in this fishbowl. She has a deep deep deeeeeeeeeeeeeep Grand Canyon of a Vagina! If there is one thing I could change about my body, without hesitation it would be my feet. For that they are one of this man's many aphrodisiacs. That's why I stockpile shoes.

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Becka Colley, a year-old careers adviser, lives in Burscough, Lancashire, with her partner and year-old son. Answer Questions What Celeb does she look like? When I find a pair of pretty shoes that fit me, I'll buy several pairs of them in every colour. At first, I thought I was in for a special treat. They sent me a voucher to appease me.

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Maybe they think it's witty and original. On my last holiday, I could not resist when a small Chinese woman offered me foot massage. They kept coming undone so I had to spend the evening in bare feet.

They're not particularly wide or narrow - just huge. As a girl, speed dating events wirral should I be driving an hour for a first date? The blisters won out and I gave up in the end. My favourite are a pair of black knee-high boots that I've had resoled five times.

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Whats the difference between taking a break and breaking up? Is it any surprise recent research has revealed that one in five of us think our feet are the most unattractive part of our body? That's my justification for owning ten pairs of nude pumps and four identical pairs of strappy, Strictly-style sandals. You can have a thin girl with big feet. Are we talking bait fishing here?

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Related Questions I normally date thin girls, but I am dating a bigger one, what do I do about this? So bigfeet, although not a deal breaker, isn't a turn on.

But it seems girls that are not exactly thin or that have the big footed gene woudn't be so obsessed with that because they know better. My husband does get cross with me, though, especially when he sees my emergency three pairs of footwear - that's trainers, black ballet pumps and boots - taking up room on the back seat of our car. Today's headlines Most Read Birthday boy! But it left me determined that I would not miss out on nice shoes.

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